Fun Chews for all animals. Beneficial, safe, durable and from an eco-sustainable source. Several sizes in store.

Natures Menu BARF Diets

Frozen Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. 400g Bricks, Complete feeds and a selection of treats now available

Raw cat food now in too.
Exotic Nuggets too including.....Duck and Plum
                                                  Venison and Blueberry
                                                  Salmon and Raspberry 
                                                                                             Rabbit and Cranberry

Applaws Cat 'Peel n Feed' Trays

6 Exciting 'real' foods for even the moodiest of moggies all on a buy 5 get one free while stocks last



New Loyalty scheme now available in store. Great savings available, please ask for details. Don't worry it's not a complicated one!!

Lilys Kitchen

Tins and 'Alu' trays of this superior 'Real Food' Now in stock. Trays £1.29, Tins just £1.99. Good enough to eat yourself.
Also a small, yet increasing range of the dry foods too!

Barking Heads

New stock just arrived. Grain free and Tiny paws for the smaller dog in your life. Lovely stuff and loving the packaging colours!!


Fantastic stuff! 80% Meat and No rubbish! Even the fussiest of eater will love this one.

That's about it for now but we always try to look after our customers, especially during these difficult times with some of the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. However, if you do find a product cheaper elsewhere, we'll always attempt to price match. Don't be afraid to ask. We don't bite.

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